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The year-round heat in Watauga, TX, can be unbearable if your home doesn’t have a strong AC system to provide indoor cooling and dehumidification. With temperatures remaining in the 80s and 90s for more than half the year, the oppressive Texas heat can make your home unbearably warm. Even with a functioning air conditioning unit, the complex mechanisms involved in indoor cooling can eventually malfunction or break down completely.

Whether you need a new AC system or have a failing unit, you should call professionals for AC installation and replacement in Watauga, TX. Hiring inexperienced or unlicensed contractors could damage your home’s HVAC infrastructure or result in botched air conditioner installation. Qualified professionals ensure your home has a strong AC system you can depend on.

When you’re ready for AC installation, call the best residential and commercial HVAC contractor in Fort Worth from 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating & Air Solutions
. Our professional HVAC technicians have years of experience successfully installing and replacing AC systems for many property types in the area. With core values of authenticity, honesty, and hard work, it’s no wonder that our technicians serve as the top-rated AC experts in Watauga, TX.

Signs You Require AC Installation and Replacement Services

Knowing the signs that you need a new cooling system prevents indoor discomfort. In fact, many businesses and homeowners who need emergency services could have avoided complete breakdowns with more awareness of breakdown symptoms.

The signs that you need an air conditioning replacement include:

  • System age: New AC systems should last around 15 to 20 years. However, depending on the system’s make, model, and operational needs, it could fail earlier. If you start having HVAC problems, it’s always a good idea to check your system’s age first.
  • Strange noises or odors: Strange noises or smells coming from home comfort systems are usually not a good sign. If you experience these symptoms, there could be mechanical issues leading to an imminent system failure.
  • Inconsistent cycling: Your AC system should function on routine cycles. Major changes to your air cycling might indicate that you need to replace your unit.
  • Increasingly frequent repairs: HVAC repairs should be sufficient to deal with minor issues. However, increasingly frequent repair needs might indicate an expiring system.
  • Decreased HVAC efficiency: You might notice an old or declining system takes much longer to cool your home. 
  • Rising energy costs: Along with lower efficiency, your expiring HVAC system will start to cost you more every month.

At 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating & Air Solutions, our HVAC technicians offer top-rated AC installation and replacement in Watauga, TX, for new properties. From centralized systems to wall and window units, our professionals can recommend the best system for your property. We install high SEER rating, affordable units to keep homeowners comfortable for years.

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The city of Watauga, TX, offers a small-town feel with access to the metropolitan area of Dallas-Fort Worth. With over 23,000 residents, Watauga prides itself on providing a welcoming community for families. 

The city’s various parks, shops, and restaurants provide visitors and residents with recreation and relaxation throughout the year. Watauga also prides itself on maintaining a small local government that cares for its residents year-round. 

One of the town’s most exciting yearly events is WataugaFest. During this weekend-long event, the town hosts a fair with carnival rides, food trucks, community group performances, and plenty of fun for families, residents, and visitors.

The town’s parks and memorials provide relaxing public spaces for residents and visitors. Forest Village and Capp Smith Park both offer playgrounds and jogging trails to keep children and adults entertained. The Veterans and 9/11 Memorial offer beautiful commemorations to pay your respects.

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