Thermostat Installation Services in Fort Worth

Get the most from your home's thermostat with help from 1st Choice Air Solutions.

The thermostat is a more powerful tool than you might realize for comfort and savings in your Fort Worth home. Making adjustments with the thermostat determines how comfortable you are, but also how much you spend on heating and cooling costs. Such an important device is usually one of the last upgrades made in a house. Homeowners looking for ways to make their house more energy efficient should think about thermostats as one of the most important upgrades instead. At 1st Choice Air Solutions, we explain the value of thermostat upgrades whenever we can, and help you find the right solution for your home. A modern thermostat can make your home more energy efficient while helping it retain its comfort as well. We offer thermostat installation service, as well as thermostat repair and replacement.

If your home is still struggling to cool even after a thermostat upgrade, consider working with our staff to upgrade your air conditioner as well!

Modern Thermostats Provide Extra Control

It’s surprising to us how many homeowners are still utilizing the original thermostat that came with the house. Old thermostats do their job just fine, but they don’t offer the same level of features and control that you get from a more modern unit. If you’re looking to add additional control to your home’s heating system, or you want to heat your home more efficiently, it might be worth spending a bit on thermostat installation service. Some of the added perks of newer systems include:

  • Wifi enabled control
  • Programmable settings for all-day use
  • Easier adjustments down to the degree
  • Long lifespan vs. traditional thermostat
  • Improved performance form your AC

When you find a programmable thermostat or smart thermostat that you want in your home, we’ll handle the installation for you. Once we’re finished with your wireless thermostat installation you’ll enjoy the ability to schedule temperatures variations throughout the day and to make adjustments that keep your house comfortable while saving you money. If you’re not sure what thermostat is right for your home, we can also help you find the right unit, creating a personalized solution for your home.

Save Money With a Multi-Zone Thermostat

If you’re looking for a way to make your home more comfortable for everyday living while also lowering your heating and cooling costs, it might be worth investing in a multi-zone thermostat and multi-zone heating and cooling system. These advanced systems allow you to adjust the temperature of different parts of your house to make them all comfortable. Some of the added benefits include:

  • Lower temperatures in rarely used sections of your home
  • Lower energy expenses overall
  • More comfortable living space
  • Smart features like timed temperature ranges

Along with changing your thermostat to a modern version with multi-zone features, you will also likely gain access to a programmable thermostat or a smart thermostat. These units come with a wireless connection and advanced features that let you adjust temperatures throughout the day.

Want to take your zoned heating and cooling to the next level? Be sure to ask about our ductless mini split AC systems today!

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Thermostat?

Before you purchase a new wifi home thermostat or another modern option, make sure you know which option is going to have the biggest impact for you. That means investing in a thermostat that’s going to help lower your heating costs while making your home as comfortable as possible in the process. At 1st Choice Air Solutions, we can help you find the right option and explain the benefits of different systems along the way. A thermostat is a very personal thing, and that’s why we only want to serve as guides so you can make a decision you’ll be happy with on your own.

Once you have your choice down, we’ll provide you with highly skilled installation services, providing solutions that last forever!

Save money and live comfortably with a new thermostat installation in your Fort Worth home. Call 1st Choice Air Solutions at (817) 264-7709 and get the help you need to make a perfect choice.