Smart Home Thermostats

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Smart Thermostat Installation

Smart Thermostat Installation Services in Fort Worth, TX

Smart Thermostat Installation Services in Fort Worth.

Are you interested in saving money on your energy bills? Are you looking to increase your overall comfort and be able to monitor your Fort Worth home’s temperature while you’re away? If your answer is “yes,” you should consider installing a smart thermostat. At 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating & Air Solutions, we explain the value of thermostat upgrades and help you find the right solution for your home. A modern thermostat can make your home more energy-efficient while helping to retain its comfort. We offer Smart thermostat installation services, as well as thermostat repair and replacement.

Cost of Smart Thermostat Installation

How much does a smart thermostat installation cost in Fort Worth, TX?

  • Low price: $200
  • Our avg price: $600
  • High price: $1,700

At 1st Choice, we proudly offer free 2nd opinions. If you’ve received a quote from someone else, we will gladly review it and help you determine if it is accurate and if the work is necessary.

The Benefits of Smart Thermostat installation

If you’re looking to add additional control over your home’s heating system, or you want to heat your home more efficiently, it might be worth spending a bit on a thermostat installation service. A smart thermostat is a programmable thermostat that connects to your Wi-Fi and can be monitored remotely from any smartphone or smart device. Smart thermostat installation have a ton of valuable features and offer a variety of benefits to homeowners, including:

  • Wi-fi-enabled control
  • Programmable settings for all-day use
  • Saving money on energy bills
  • Remote access to your thermostat
  • Real-time service reminders
  • Reporting on your energy usage

Achieve Greater Control and Comfort with a Multi-Zone Thermostat

Suppose you’re looking for a way to make your home more comfortable for everyday living while lowering your heating and cooling costs. In that case, it might be worth investing in a multi-zone thermostat and multi-zone heating and cooling system. These advanced systems allow you to adjust the temperature of different parts of your house to make them all comfortable. Some of the added benefits include:

  • Lower temperatures in rarely used sections of your home
  • Lower energy expenses overall
  • More comfortable living space
  • Smart features like timed temperature ranges
Thermostat Installation

Looking for an Exact Estimate for Your Smart Thermostat Installation?

At 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating & Air Solutions, we can help you find the right thermostat option and explain the benefits of different systems. A thermostat is a very personal thing, and that’s why we only want to serve as guides so you can make a decision you’ll be happy with on your own. Contact us today at 817-518-4598.

Smart Home Thermostat Service in Fort Worth, TX
Smart thermostat installation process
Process of Installation

Our Smart thermostat installation process

  1. Schedule your appointment. Save money and live comfortably with a new thermostat installed in your Fort Worth home. Call 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating & Air Solutions at 817-518-4598 and get the help you need to make a perfect choice.
  2. Get fast, same-day service & upfront pricing. Your technician will always arrive on schedule, greet you at your door, and provide you with several thermostat options to choose from to determine what best fits your needs. Before you purchase a new wifi home thermostat or another modern option, we’ll ensure you know which option will have the most significant impact on you. You’ll also have a chance to review your upfront estimate before your tech gets to work.
  3. Get your thermostat installed quickly and correctly the first time. Once approved, we’ll get started on installing your new thermostat. At 1st Choice, we respect our customers’ homes and will treat them with the utmost care and attention, never leaving a mess behind when we are finished.
  4. Enjoy peace of mind. In addition to our honest and upfront pricing, we guarantee all our services and set out to exceed your expectations. Plus, we offer a lifetime warranty on repairs!
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