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Air conditioning maintenance is something homeowners in Euless, TX are very familiar with. As hot as it is most of the year, it would be impossible to live here otherwise!

1st Choice Plumbing, Heating & Air Solutions has been serving this community’s AC needs for going on 25 years, and we look forward to 25 more. Call for one of our wonderful technicians to make your home immune to summer heat.

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AC Repair

Depend on Our 24 Hour AC Repair Service

Don’t feel like you need to take time off of work to do your air conditioning errands. Our AC contractors work all day and night so that your schedule can take priority. On the job, they will perform a basic diagnosis of your unit before offering you our repair options.

You can tell if your AC unit needs repair when:

  • It leaks, indicating a broken or blocked drain tube
  • Some parts of your home are significantly warmer than others
  • Your monthly utility bills rise due to cramped air flow

Depending on how damaged your unit is, a unit replacement might be necessary. But our team knows to let you choose which solutions to use, and will never work without your approval.

AC Installation

Air Conditioner Installation

As mentioned before, there are times when central AC repair is not enough. You can tell your AC needs replacement when:

  • Your AC unit is too old—the average unit can last up to 20 years depending on upkeep
  • It needs increasingly frequent repairs
  • Your energy costs are rising more and more through the years

In these instances, getting a new unit installed can be both more cost effective and safer for your home. This also comes with more effective cooling, like any good AC unit should.

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Emergency AC Service

Do You Need Emergency AC Service?

There are several reasons your average homeowner might need emergency AC repairs. One of the most common, particularly in the Euless, TX area, is system malfunction due to extremely hot weather. Others range from leaking to more severe electrical problems that could even spark a fire in your home.

While these problems aren’t often serious at first, they can lead to more drastic issues down the line. Should your AC unit suffer from any of them, our technicians can curb the damage and keep your home safe and comfortable.

Your AC problems are our AC problems. Call 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating & Air Solutions today at 817-518-4556 to talk with our team and schedule service in Euless, TX.

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