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1st Choice Air Solutions has been a trusted name in heat pump repairs in Fort Worth for nearly 20 years. Our licensed pros will resolve any heat pump issue regardless of brand or model in just one visit to your home. And with staff on call 24/7, you’ll always have someone to call when an emergency strikes. Simply call us anytime, day or night, and we’ll do everything we can to give you your comfort back fast.

How much does a heat pump repair cost in Fort Worth, TX?

  • Low price: $268
  • Our avg price: $556
  • High price: $1,000

At 1st Choice, we work hard to ensure the issue you’re having won’t resurface again for years – if ever. While other contractors can get their foot in the door with a lower-cost repair, chances are they’ll be back at your home months later repairing the same issue. 1st Choice Maintenance customers receive a lifetime warranty on repairs.

Heat pump repair cost factors:

Some factors that impact the cost of your heat pump repair include:

  • The need for replacement parts. Replacement parts aren’t always required for a heat pump repair. But when they are, they can add to the cost of the repair, sometimes by a lot. You can expect honest advice from 1st Choice on whether a part replacement is necessary. Nor do we charge an arm and a leg for parts like so many others do.
  • System age and condition. Older heat pumps tend to have more than one issue causing you trouble. This is especially true if the system hasn’t been properly maintained. If we find multiple problems, we can help you resolve them over a period you’re comfortable with.
  • A valid part or labor warranty. Valid parts or labor warranties can substantially reduce the cost of a repair. If you’re not sure whether your heat pump is under warranty, we can find out for you.

Looking for an Exact Quote for Your Heat Pump Repair?
1st Choice Air Solutions will always give you an honest, upfront quote for your repair. Simply give us a call at (817) 264-7709 or book your appointment online.

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Our heat pump repair process

  1. We’ll book your appointment. Booking a heat pump repair with 1st Choice is easy. Simply give us a call or schedule your appointment online. We have staff on-call 24/7 for emergencies. And if we’re running late or have to reschedule, we’ll always give you a heads-up.
  2. We’ll share repair options and pricing. Homeowners trust 1st Choice because we share multiple repair options and price all parts and labor upfront. That means the price we quote you is the price you’ll pay, even if the repair takes longer than originally estimated.
  3. We’ll repair your system on the same day. We’ve remained one of Fort Worth’s highest-rated HVAC companies because of the speed and professionalism of our repairs. You can expect a same-day repair on any heat pump you own, regardless of brand or model.
  4. We’ll make sure to meet your expectations. In addition to our honest and upfront pricing, we guarantee all our services and set out to exceed your expectations. Plus, we offer a lifetime warranty on repairs!

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Signs That Your Heat Pump Needs Repairs

A well-maintained heat pump can last up to 15 years or longer. But you can expect the cost of repairs and running the system to start going up around the 10+ year mark.

Here are a few telltale signs you need a heat pump repair:

  • Inconsistent temperatures: If your heat pump is blowing air that isn’t consistent with temperature settings, or the temperature is fluctuating while in use, you may want to call in a professional to get it looked at.
  • Increase in your electric bills: As a system ages, it becomes less efficient and costs more to run. However, a professional may be able to help lower your energy bills with a strategic part replacement or tune-up visit.
  • Strange smell around the unit: Always call a professional if the area around your heat pump smells strange. A burning smell from the vents may be related to wiring and should be addressed quickly. Dust and pet dander may contribute to other smells that can be resolved with a duct cleaning or an air filter replacement.

  • “Had our heat pump running before it got uncomfortable inside our house…”

    “Our system went out overnight on a Saturday morning, outdoor temperatures were expected to be in the triple digits. We called around, and 1st Choice was immediately available. Robert D. was our technician. He had our heat pump up and running before it got uncomfortable inside the house. Thank you, Robert.”

    Juan O. | Fort Worth homeowner

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