Fort Worth Furnace Installation Services

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Your home’s furnace does one of the most important jobs of any household system, it keeps you warm and comfortable when it gets cold out. Sure, that doesn’t happen that frequently in Fort Worth, but on the days when temperatures drop, it’s nice having a good reliable furnace to keep you warm. That’s why it’s our mission at 1st Choice Air Solutions to keep your furnace in good shape and to help you avoid needing furnace replacement services for as long as possible. We offer extensive maintenance, repair and of course full replacement services for gas and oil furnaces throughout the area. We pride ourselves on being upfront, explaining things clearly, and helping our customers decide on the best options to help improve their homes as much as possible.


The best way to avoid the need for a full furnace replacement is to keep up with your maintenance. Schedule a furnace tune-up with our technicians today!

Signs Your Oil Furnace Needs Replacing

More often than not, we get called once an emergency situation has already happened – such as a system that no longer produces hot air. Not only is this a challenge for homeowners, particularly during the winter season, but it could often mean that the furnace is too far gone for repairs. If your old unit needs replacing, it’ll often display symptoms, including:

  • It’s noisier than usual
  • You spend more on heat than you used to
  • Your system doesn’t blow out as much air as it once did
  • The furnace is cracked or sooty
  • The furnace is loud during operation
  • Your house is cold

When you begin noticing these issues cropping up with your furnace, it’s time to call us in for an evaluation. We will take a look at your system and decide if you need our furnace replacement services or not. It makes no difference if you have gas or oil, we have experts for both at 1st Choice Air Solutions. While most homeowners opt for repairs, depending on the condition of the furnace, the age of the system, and the repair issue you’re dealing with, a furnace installation may be best for your home.

The Benefits of Furnace Installations

Investing in a new system can be an unforeseen expense for many homeowners, but it doesn’t have to be all bad. There are exceptional benefits that make a furnace replacement service ideal for any homeowner in and around the Fort Worth area. They include:

  • Better Energy Performance: When your furnace starts struggling with repairs and age, it often has to work much harder to heat your home. That extra work translates into added energy consumption, which can raise your costs severely – a concern for any homeowner. With a new system, you’ll cut your costs and enjoy better performance.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: The same dust and grime that’s found inside your system, on the air filter, and in the ductwork of your home, is also found in the air your breathe. With a damaged air filter, the environment in your home could worsen, leading to more colds, allergy flare-ups, and respiratory issues. A new furnace will improve your air quality immediately.
  • Added property Value: Whether you’re renting your home or planning on selling, a new furnace can be a great selling point. They offer peace of mind and can help lower your homeowner’s insurance and other expenses.
  • Stronger Airflow: When we install a new furnace in your home, we help you find the perfect system that’s rated to heat your square footage specifically. This leads to more consistent temperatures and stronger airflow throughout your home.

At 1st Choice Air Solutions, we are your expert Fort Worth furnace installation company. We take the time to help you find the right system for your home and get it installed according to manufacturer standards. This ensures your peace of mind knowing that when the winter season rolls in, your home will be warm and protected.

Dealing with a furnace repair issue? We offer same day appointments and emergency services at no extra cost, helping protect your family with every call.

Get Reliable Help for Your Gas Furnace Replacement

Going through a full gas furnace replacement is costly, so when you hire someone to do the job you want them to do it flawlessly. That’s why it makes sense to hire 1st Choice Air Solutions. We only hire the most carefully trained technicians and make sure experts in installation handle each and every furnace swap. When you call our staff, we take the time to understand your needs, providing you with the longest-lasting solution that’s designed with your home and comfort in mind.

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