Hiring Installers!

Ready to be a team member and not just a number? Proud to tell people what you do for a living? Work hard and show your skills every day?

The A/C industry is a great career choice with the right leadership. If this is something you are interested in, male or female… If you have talent, drive and craftmanship, we would like you to join our new age growing company. We believe our frontline employees become the company’s most important asset. We also believe in Customer’s first and continue being very passionate about the ac industry. This trade is all we know, and we are extremely good at what we do. Our reviews across the board and customer testimonials provide the proof. 1St choice is always focused on a Five-star service and a Five-star customer experience.

The only thing that has remained constant over the years is the passion for the A/C industry and the people in it. The reward everyday from the finished product is what keeps us going. Our goal is to make every job one we are proud of and just keep making them better. If we can continue this path, we know we’re doing something right.

We understand installers work extremely hard in this Texas climate, with that being said, we believe they deserve to be paid very well. Accountability becomes your business partner within our performance-based pay. Skill level goes up and labor efficiency with a crew becomes strong. No more varying your helper. No more caps on how much income you can make due to the hours in a week. The drive and work ethics determine the lifestyle you can accommodate. Performance-based pay, when done right can positively impact your employee’s satisfaction and motivation. (Reward the producers)

1st Choice Air is always focused on building a great company. Building family and culture is priority.

  • Keeping employees is just as important as keeping customer’s (vocabulary from a 1st Choice Air Employee)
  • Always training
  • Better people/Life skills
  • Accountability
  • Development
  • Expectations
  • Encouragement
  • Improvement
  • Competition
  • Collaboration
  • Personal growth
  • Personal development
  • Respect relationships
  • Create an environment to learn and grow
Employment Opportunities
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