Furnace Maintenance Services in Fort Worth

Get trustworthy maintenance services for your Fort Worth furnace from 1st Choice Air Solutions.

As one of the hardest working systems in your home, your furnace needs to be treated with care to keep it running properly. That’s why investing in maintenance is essential for any homeowner. At 1st Choice Air Solutions, we offer the proper furnace tune-up and maintenance services to people in and around Fort Worth, and we help educate customers about the importance of this regular care. Because furnaces are not used throughout the year, keeping up with their care is the best way to avoid emergencies and extend their lifespan. We’ll explain more about your system to you, and let you know about any potential repair issues you might face in the future, all while improving your indoor comfort and warmth in the process.

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Protect Your Heating System With Quality Maintenance

The most effective way to keep your heating system in good shape over time is to spend a bit on a furnace tune-up. It might seem like an unnecessary expense at the time, but by having an expert from 1st Choice Air Solutions come to your home and look over your system, you’ll learn more about your heating setup and also keep your furnace in excellent shape.

One of the main reasons that furnaces fall into disrepair so easily is because they’re not always in use throughout the year. As such, when they’re needed most, they have not been run for months at a time. With a furnace maintenance appointment, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your system will be able to heat your home with no setbacks.

Our experienced technicians will adjust all the settings on your system to proper levels, clean out the dirt and grime, replace your furnace filter, and prevent damage from occurring to your system overall so that you get many years out of your heating system before you need an eventual repair or replacement.

Our Furnace Tune-Up Checklist

At 1st Choice Air Solutions, our contractor will do several different things to your system to help it run more smoothly. Our maintenance services include:

  • Check and re-tension blower motor drive belt
  • Clean accumulated dust out
  • Inspect the system for any potential issues
  • Adjust the burner settings
  • Check the furnace filter and swap it if necessary
  • Lubricate important mechanical parts

Our furnace maintenance services are comprehensive and will give us more information on the health of your unit while helping to protect all its most important components. After a visit with one of our team members, your heating system should run more efficiently and be ready for another season of operation. Best of all, we also take the time to help you understand more about your furnace, keeping emergency issues at bay, while also improving your indoor comfort.

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Maintenance Services You Can Trust

Don’t allow just anyone to maintain your heating system. At 1st Choice Air Solutions, we have highly trained experts that not only offer the level of service you need but also go the extra mile to keep your home and family comfortable. As the most trusted heating contractors in the area, we put our customer comfort and satisfaction first. Maintenance services are meant to help you avoid major emergencies, while also adding value to your home.


Our goal is to provide a quality solution that lasts forever – so whether it’s been some time since your furnace was last inspected, you’re looking to check your unit before the colder months, or you simply need help for your home comfort, trust our technicians with your home.

Furnace maintenance is the best way to improve performance and extend the lifespan of your system. Call 1st Choice Air Solutions at (817) 264-7709, and enjoy the most trusted service in Fort Worth.