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Why we contribute to other small businesses

Support Small Businesses

Let’s give back and make a positive impact in our community

Contributing our time to support small businesses is a goal we set to do this year. We believe it’s an experience where it will enhance our team, we will familiarize ourselves with other businesses, and we will build relationships along the way as we serve our community. Giving back to our community is important to us and our mission, to then understand how we fit in the environment we all live in. 

Why is it important that we support other small businesses?

What better way to understand who your neighbors are than introducing yourself? We took it upon ourselves to get to know our community to broaden our knowledge about who’s next to us. That’s why we reached out to the owner of Froth Coffee Bar, Mark, to set up a time to meet. Engaging with others helps us have a better understanding of how the community works, especially if we share the same geographical borders.

Supporting Small Businesses

Obviously, it’s also important for our community members in general. Without need, there’s no reason to offer the services we love to provide. Many find leadership rewarding and comforting depending on who it is—we hope to have that impact while we serve. If you’re taking lead to get to know people, hopefully they’ll feel comfortable of being within the community we share.

What are some of the benefits of showing our support? 

Giving our time to show appreciation for those around us is beneficial, for the community members, small businesses, and our business. It is a great way to connect with other businesses in order to connect with their community members in a personal and intimate level while maintaining our reputation as a business. 

By supporting small businesses in their endeavors, we’re exposing ourselves to other people for doing the right thing. Small businesses typically intend to treasure their relationships with community members and that’s what we take in consideration when supporting others. Simple acts of kindness can go a long way: Buy coffee for customers at a local coffee shop. Plus, spending money on small businesses helps stimulate the local economy and contributes to grow and sustain local jobs.

Where did we start?

Froth at 1st Choice Air SolutionsIt was as simple as making a phone call. We touched base with Mark at Froth Coffee Bar to start it off. We showed our support by purchasing a few of their drinks for the customers and our employees, and made a few promo videos about them. We got to know the business better and see what they’re all about—we then showed them off in our social platforms as a way to give them exposure. 

Froth Coffee Bar 

To learn more about Froth Coffee Bar and their mission, you can visit their website: Froth Coffee Bar. While they are known as the home of the Frothables, they have something for everyone in their menu. If you’re near the area, pay them a visit and check out their drinks and pastries! Click Here to watch one of the videos we made for them.