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The Moment of Truth About Heating & Cooling System Leaks

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The Truth Homeowners Need to Know About HVAC System Leaks

When homeowners think of leaks, they often tie it to the plumbing system. They think of leaking pipes, leaking faucets, leaking toilets, and so on. It makes sense that leaks are most often associated with plumbing since the plumbing system involves a lot of water and other liquids flowing through the house.

However, there can be leaks in other areas of the house too, such as HVAC system leaks. Many homeowners don’t realize that water is a natural part of the HVAC system as well. When hot, humid air is cooled by an AC unit, condensation is created on the evaporator coil.

The condensation drips down into a pan and is emptied outside using a drain line. Like a plumbing system drain line, the HVAC system drain line can become clogged or damaged, which results in leaks. These leaks can be quite dangerous, especially if it is a refrigerant leak, which is why homeowners should fix any HVAC system leaks as soon as they see them.

The Common Reasons for HVAC Leaks

reasons for hvac leaksAs mentioned, one of the most common reasons for HVAC leaks is a clogged or damaged drain line. When the drain line is clogged, the water from the condensation can make its way away from the home and can start to back up under and around the AC unit.

When the drain line is damaged, dirt and roots can enter into the drain line causing root clogs as well. Another common reason for HVAC leaks is a damaged or cracked condensate pan. When the pan is broken, the condensation has a difficult time making it to the drain line in the first place.

While all of these HVAC system problems can cause water leaks, the system can also leak refrigerant, which is much more dangerous. There are many joints and connections in an AC or heating unit. When these become weakened over time, through vibration or normal wear and tear, it can result in refrigerant leaks.

How to Properly Fix HVAC Leaks

HVAC leaks can be tricky for homeowners to fix on their own, so a professional HVAC technician should be consulted. The repair is highly dependent on where the leak is occurring. For example, if the leak is caused by a crack in the condensate pan, then the pan needs to be replaced.

fixing hvac leaks

If the leak is caused by a damaged drain line, then the piping needs to be re-installed. If the leak is in the evaporator coil, due to the vibration of the coil against the rest of the system, then the coil will need to be repaired. In most cases, an HVAC technician will be able to identify and repair the leak within one visit. However, on rare occasions, the leak can be very small and difficult to find. So a more thorough investigation may need to be conducted.

Tips for Preventing HVAC Leaks

preventing hvac leaksHVAC leaks can be a pain to fix, but luckily, there are simple things homeowners can do to prevent these leaks. The biggest leak prevention method is simple maintenance which includes periodically changing your air filter.

Homeowners should regularly clean the HVAC unit to help prevent acidic build-up and erosion on different parts of the HVAC unit.

Also, having the unit checked by a professional every year allows for any damages from normal wear and tear or vibration to be repaired before it results in an HVAC leak.

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