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This Year’s International Day of Peace is Focused on Climate Change

climate change

September 21 is the International Day of Peace, sometimes referred to simply as Peace Day. This celebration was created through a United Nation’s resolution in 1981. The goal of the day is for all of humanity to commit to peace and to commit to working to build a culture of peace.

This year the Peace Day theme is focused on climate change and how combating climate change is a way to promote peace. With that spirit and goal in mind, today we’ll talk about some ways that we can all work to combat climate change and work to make our communities a little more environmentally friendly.

Consider the Social Effects of Climate Change

socialeffectsPart of the objective of Peace Day is to raise awareness about important global issues. Given this year’s theme, it’s an important time to consider some of the social issues associated with climate change.

Extreme weather changes can lead to movements in the population. Further, they will lead to more people using artificial climate systems – i.e., HVAC units. As you can imagine, this can lead to substantial increases in global electrical use.

As you consider ways to combat climate change this September 21st, it’s also a good idea to think about some of the social effects that will happen if we don’t make changes. Keeping these effects in mind makes it more likely that all of us will take action to help combat climate change.

Be Energy Efficient with Programmable Thermostats

programmablethermostatsUsing programmable thermostats is an easy way to make your home more energy-efficient. These thermostats let you control the temperature in your home throughout the day and avoid having your HVAC unit working at full blast all of the time.

These units can allow you to save as much as 30% on your heating and cooling bills. That’s a stunning and compelling number!

Plus, it means that not only are programmable thermostats a good way to help protect the environment, but they’ll also help you save a significant amount of money each month. It’s an easy and effective step to take to help make your home a little more efficient, so start using programmable thermostats as soon as possible.

Take the Time to Plant a Tree

plantatreeAs you celebrate the International Day of Peace this September, take the time to plant a tree. Not only will this be a fun experience, but it also is an effective way to protect the environment.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and help to improve air quality. Think about what it could mean for your community if every person planted one tree this September! Plus, as the tree matures, it will help provide shade for your home.

This will keep you cooler on hot days and will make your house even more energy-efficient. We hope you’ll try one of these tips to help make your home and your community a little more environmentally friendly. Plus, consider additional ways that you can help protect the environment, for example, biking, planting a garden or carpooling. Every little bit helps, so let’s all make some lifestyle changes this September to help combat climate change.