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How to Celebrate HVAC Technician Day


HVAC Technician Day is being celebrated on Saturday, June 22. This year will mark the fourth annual celebration of the day, which serves as a time to recognize and honor HVAC technicians for the important work that they do.

At 1st Choice Air Solutions, we could not be more proud of our team of qualified professionals that work tirelessly – often in scorching heat or freezing cold – to consistently provide our customers with the highest-quality HVAC services.

We are so privileged to work with such a great team of HVAC technicians and appreciate the opportunity to recognize them this HVAC Technician Day.

Recruiting HVAC Technicians

recruitingtechniciansOur team of skilled technicians is second to none. When we recruit new technicians, we always start with our golden rule of recruiting: any potential hires must have the licenses and knowledge to do the highest quality of HVAC work.

From there, we look for team members that are reliable, honest and service-oriented. Every day, our team strives to be the best in the industry, and we only recruit technicians that share that same passion and drive.

With those recruiting guidelines, we have put together an extremely talented team. This HVAC Technician Day, we’re reminded of how grateful we are for our extraordinary technicians and the high-quality services that they consistently provide for our customers.

Imagine Your Living Conditions Without HVAC Services

livingconditionsWe all often take for granted the luxury that good HVAC services are. It only takes one really hot day without air conditioning or one really cold day without heat to remind us how much we rely on these services.

Yet, beyond considering your basic comfort, have you ever thought about how much your HVAC system affects your overall living conditions?

Without indoor air quality systems, you would likely change the organization of your house – ensuring that your bedrooms have as much temperature control as possible. Plus, you’d probably use different appliances, choose different types of cloth or fabrics and even prepare and eat different foods.

Functioning HVAC systems affect many aspects of our lives and so many of our living conditions would look very different without them. This HVAC Technician Day, take a moment to appreciate the great work that HVAC technicians do to allow for such comfortable and adaptable living conditions.

Your HVAC Technician’s Responsibilities

HVAC technicians take on a number of responsibilities to ensure that your home or business has a functioning indoor air quality systems. Just a few of the duties that our team members take on include:

  • hvacresponsibilitiesInstalling, maintaining and repairing heating, cooling and ventilation systems
  • Performing emergency HVAC system repairs
  • Conducting performance tests
  • Completing preventative maintenance
  • Responding to customer questions
  • Participating in customer consultations

HVAC technicians are responsible for many different tasks, and, thankfully, their expansive training and knowledge ensures that they are prepared to handle any HVAC issues that our customers experience.

Do you know any HVAC Technicians? If so, give them a call this June 22nd and wish them a Happy HVAC Technician Day. And, if you have any HVAC issues or are interested in an HVAC career, call us today at (817) 888-5300.